The condemned reactions escalated after the spread of a video of a number of Kurdish women and the appearance of a woman carrying a baby in a secret prison for the “Hamzat” faction, which was stormed by angry demonstrators, mostly from the countryside of Damascus and Eastern Ghouta, due to differences and shootings that turned into armed clashes.
Dozens of Kurdish parties, human rights organizations and women’s organizations issued statements demanding the international community to intervene and put the city of Afrin under international protection, and they held Turkey responsible for the deterioration of the conditions there, demanding the exit of its corrupt forces, and the opening of an international investigation on the war crimes being conducted by loyal armed groups Turkey and supported by.

Today, dozens of women gathered, today, dozens of forcibly displaced Afrin women gathered in front of the headquarters of the High Commissioner for Human Rights in the city of Qamishlo, carrying banners that read phrases denouncing the practices of the Turkish occupation against the people of the region, and women in particular, and they also delivered a message that included The following demands:
1- Immediate action to end all violations occurring in Afrin, and reveal the fate of Kurdish women in prison in the prisons and detention centers of the armed factions of the Turkish occupation and liberate them immediately.
2- Forming an international investigation committee to prosecute the perpetrators for the crimes they committed, including murder, kidnapping, and torture of Kurdish women in Afrin.
3- Allowing credible media organizations to enter Afrin to impart objectively and truthfully the reality of the bitter reality of the rest of our people.
4- End the Turkish occupation, expel the extremist factions, and ensure a safe and dignified return of the displaced to their lands.
5- Classifying the armed groups controlling Afrin on the list of terrorism, according to the behavior practiced by it

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