Turkish forces continue to sweep graves in Afrin …
Turkish soldiers destroy another cemetery with the massacres

Turkish forces attack the shrine of the martyr “Rafeeq” in Matina village in Afrin countryside, by means of massacres and level the graves to the ground and testify their evidence.
Cemeteries in the city of Afrin in the countryside of Aleppo are exposed to a wave of violations and unprecedented operations of their landmarks by the Turkish forces and the Syrian factions loyal to it within a plan that aims to erase the features, history, roots and culture of the city in the endeavors of the demographic change that began since the occupation of the city in March 2018, and the last of these violations was the forces The Turkish forces settled the cemetery of the martyr “Rafik” in Mattina village in Afrin countryside with mines, with the aim of destroying and removing graves.
The Turkish armed forces have previously sabotaged and destroyed a number of cemeteries and later turned them into a livestock market, which was considered an act that contradicts the values ​​and is a violation of the sanctity of the dead, including the cemetery (the martyr Avista Khabour) at the junction of the village (Kfarshil) of the city center of Afrin. Where the Turkish forces destroyed all graves in them and exhumed them with bulldozers, and not only did they intentionally convert the cemetery site into a livestock market, deliberately, in order to offend the sanctity of the tombs among the Kurds and the people in general, especially the “martyrs” tombs. The cemetery includes the children of the people of Afrin who preferred the rest of them In their homes silence without the ability to condemn such a crime, which is added to the record of Turkey and its loyal Syrian groups in human rights violations.
Since the Turkish armed forces took control of the Afrin region in Aleppo countryside, they have washed away many graves, religious shrines, cultural centers and archaeological sites belonging to Kurds, Yazidis and Christians alike, in an effort to obliterate the city’s original features, and clear its social, historical, and religious memory. The graves were not spared from acts of sabotage, as the tomb of the mother of a Kurdish poet in the village of Malala of Raju district was destroyed just for the purpose of writing phrases in the Kurdish language on it, in addition to destroying the tombs of the Kurdish scholar Nuri Darsmi and his wife in the cemetery of Hanan, as well as the shrine of the martyr Kamal Hanan in the village of Talf / Jenderes and the destruction of the cemetery of the village of Qurbê, which belongs to the district of Jenderes, in addition to the erosion of civilian graves in the village of Kafr Safra, the bombing of the cemetery and shrine of “Abd al-Rahman bin Auf” in the village of Kani Kaourki, in addition to the destruction of a cemetery in the Shih / Sheikh Al-Hadid region, and the destruction of a historical tomb dating to the year 1636 AD , Which is called “Al-Fawqania Cemetery” in the village of “Sinara”, where 650 of 1,000 villages from the village’s graves were washed away.
In the field of “Shra / Sharan”, which belonged to Al-Midky, the tombstones in the town’s cemetery were destroyed, and they also cut down the forest trees surrounding the cemetery, which acquire the character of sacredness among the townspeople.
And the tombstones were destroyed in the village of Adma / Edmanli of Raju district … and others.

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