“The Human Rights Organization in the Al-Jazeera region” revealed that more than 1564 women are subjected to violations in the areas controlled by the Turkish armed forces and the Syrian opposition groups loyal to them in northern Syria.
The organization relied on the testimonies of the victims themselves, or in contact with them, as the organization, which is based in the city of Qamishli / Qamishlo, has documented that 40 women were killed in the city of Afrin, which was controlled by the Turkish forces in March 2018, and 128 wounded, in addition to 60 cases of rape that led 5 of them resulted in suicide, and nearly 1,000 cases of kidnapping and enforced disappearance.
The organization also documented that 8 women were killed in the cities of Tal Abyad / Kari Sbei and Ras Al-Ain / Sri Kani, and 48 women were subjected to various injuries, in addition to documenting the killing of two women and the injury of 4 others in mysterious circumstances, not to mention the presence of 6 cases of kidnapping and rape.
The organization quoted “Jihan Ahmed”, a displaced woman from the city of Sri kani / Ras al-Ain, as saying that women are subjected to a lot of harassment, kidnapping and rape by members of the “Syrian National Army” and that these practices are similar to what ISIS imposed on the population at the time of its control Over the area.

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