Turkish occupation gangs are asking 4,000 dollars to release the 8 kidnapped civilians in Afrin.

Local sources have reported that elements of the “Muhammad al-Fateh” faction operating within the “pro-Turkish National Army” have told their families that they are ready to release their 8 children in exchange for payment of amounts ranging from $ 400 – $ 500 to each person kidnapped in its prisons. The faction members have arrested 8 people Randomly, on April 10, 2020, after raids and search campaigns, they are: Anwar Othman Hamkoulino (51 years old), Duziar Anwar Kurdi (31 years old), Hassan Jamil Hassan (49 years old), Muhammad Othman (56 years old), Damkash Osman Kuliku ( 45 years old, Ahmed Othman Mohamed (39 years old), Kimaho Anwar Kurdi (64 years old), Ahmed Waheed Mustafa (58 years old).

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