Turkey’s occupation of Afrin and other areas and the escaping of herds of mercenaries to wreak havoc on the ground, which caused violations, massive crimes and a serious demographic change that affected the structure of local communities, constituted a severe blow to the presence of the Kurds in their historical regions and their just national and national cause, as well as an additional link to the sustainable Syrian crisis.
We have detected some violations in Afrin. ….

Armed militias in the village of Shurba-Ma’btali recently arrested citizens (Hassan Bayram “Hassan Kolo”, Mukhtar Rashid Omar and Idris Omar), and they are still unaccounted for.
The arrest of Ahmed Hassan, 30, from the village of Kuran – Jenderes district, while he was on his way to his wife in Afrin, by an armed checkpoint, about twenty-three days ago, and his fate remains unknown.

  • The Sultan Suleiman Shah Brigades militia forces the children of the settlers who were resettled in the center of the Shih district / Sheikh Al-Hadid and some of its villages to carry weapons and service in its ranks, which are participating in the battles of Libya under the command of Ankara, and therefore the new recruits avoid housing in those The district and its villages.
    With regard to the grape leaf season, which was and still constitutes a main source of livelihood for the people of Afrin, theft and overfilling continues, as well as the imposition of royalties on the crop, and due to the closure of traffic crossings to the city of Aleppo and the shipping companies stopping work, the selling prices of paper remain low.
    In the context of chaos and chaos, on the evening of Wednesday, May 13, a small car was detonated with an explosive device, near the “Jihan” hospital in the city of Afrin, and resulted in injuries and material damage, including the child Mohamed Salah Hamo, 14, and citizen Mahmoud Mahmoud Aswad / 28 / year.
    The Turkish army and its mercenaries have bombed some villages and towns of Sherwa and Shahba – north of Aleppo (Al-Shahba Dam, Samouqa, Tel M’diq, Aqobe, Sogank, Marnaz, Malikiyah, Shawarga …), which are crowded with the displaced people of Afrin, during the days 13-14 May, and caused material damage.
    Ending the presence of the Turkish occupation and the terrorist mercenaries and takfiris in Syria and the Kurdish regions in particular, is a key link in the success of any political action towards resolving the Syrian crisis, and constitutes the essence of the true struggle on the Kurdish issue in Syria, as it carries a human and ethical and national moral aspect, which is difficult for Any honest human being abandoned.

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