Abduction of a single girl, arbitrary arrests, vine leaves season, looting, bombing of displaced areas of Afrin …..

The occupation by Turkey of Afrin and other regions and the flight of herds from mercenaries to wreak havoc on the ground, which have caused violations, massive crimes and a serious demographic change that has affected the structure of local communities, have been a devastating blow to the presence of Kurds in their historic regions and their just national and national cause, as well as an additional link with the lasting Syrian crisis.
  We have detected a few violations in the past week:
  – The afternoon of Monday, May 11 – bazaar day, while wandering in the market of the city of Jenderes accompanied by her uncle, the single daughter “Heaven Hassan Dabso / 18 / years – her mother Ghazala Mori Was kidnapped by gunmen and a van, where her mother complained to the Jenderes Military Police, but she refrained from carrying out fundamentalist seizures and taking immediate action to prosecute the kidnappers or search for the girl still missing, despite the presence of a video of the operation. The girl was staying in the house of her grandfather, “Mohamed Mohamed Mori”, in the town of Jalama, and her parents accused the militia of the “Sultan Murad Brigade” of kidnapping her, who had previously attempted to force the parents to marry the girl to one of her members, who threatened the family with kidnapping and murder at the time, a source close to the source said.

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