Armed groups supported by Turkey continue to carry out more arrests and kidnappings of civilians, with increased rates of violence, crime, arrest and kidnapping in the Afrin region and in the general areas controlled by the Turkish armed forces in northern Syria.
Turkish forces and the Syrian armed groups supported by them continue to commit further violations and do not heed calls to stop the daily raids, arrest and kidnap citizens for ransom, prevent their families from knowing where they are detained or its reasons, refuse to offer them to trial and prevent them from hiring a lawyer.

In the April 2020 area of ​​Afrin, 60 people were arrested, and we were able to document their names, while the actual number is more than that, especially since there are names whose families have kept mentioning them, in addition to cases of detention that we could not reach, and the killing of civilians under torture was monitored and documented, multiple cases of abuse, and more than 14 detainees were documented to have been tortured, two deaths under torture were recorded, and two cases of killing elderly people.
And prevailing in this region, daily organized looting operations, the seizuring operations of people’s homes and properties, olive seasons, logging and other things… in addition to daily arbitrary arrests, kidnapping people as hostages in exchange for financial ransom, restrictions on the population and unleashing military chaos and dozens of terrorist groups, this all are deliberated Turkish politics; It is carried out in the hands of the “Syrian armed groups” under the name “Syrian National Army” affiliated to the government Syrian Interim / Coalition, all of this is taking place under the eyes of Turkish forces and their participation.
These groups are led by security and military agencies established by Turkey in the region. They are both the commander of the military police in Afrin (Lt. Col. Muhammad al-Hammadin / Abu Riyadh) – the former police head Rami Tlass was removed on April 2 – And the leader of the Political Security Branch in Afrin (Muhammad Raji), And the commander of the civil police in Afrin (Muhannad Al-Hussein), his deputy (Amer Al-Muhammad), the three legionary commanders in the National Army (Moataz Raslan), (Mahmoud Al-Baz), (Abu Ahmed Nour) and (Haitham Al-Afisi)، In addition to dozens of leaders of armed groups scattered and heads of checkpoints, villages and neighborhoods, the city of Afrin has been divided into multiple separate areas of control ،And every faction in the region became the commander and the barrier, and he had his own prisons and his own laws.
Since the beginning of May this year, the arrest of (3) people has been documented, and they have been taken to an unknown destination in addition to seizing a number of civilian homes.
In the Sheikh Al-Hadid (Sheyeh) area of ​​the city of Afrin, militias of the “Waqas Brigade” launched a search campaign and stormed a number of houses in the village of “Anqlieh”, during this they arrested 3 people, including “Sheikh Abdin Ahmed (18 years).” Militants from the “Suleiman Shah \ Al-Amshaat” faction also seized dozens of civilian homes and expelled their residents, and seized shops, including homes belonging to (Hussein Ismail Arab, Zakaria Arab, Hussein Qarash, Haji Khalil Sheikho, Zakaria Amin Haidar, Zakaria Naasan, Muhammad Mustafa, Izzat Kamal Ali Bakr) due to their inability to pay the royalties imposed by the faction.
On the other hand, 8 women out of approximately 90 women who were still detained by the factions of the National Army and the security services were released, where a fine was paid and they were released: Amal Muhammad Nuri, Aisha Nuri Ali, Toulin Abdel Rahman Hassan, Nazliya Abdul Rahman Hassan, Salwa Hassan Mohamed, Rukan Khalil Mastou, Manal Nour El Din Rashid, Sherine Abdo Mohamed.
It is noteworthy that the security services in Afrin were denying that they arrested women, and that the released women had been in detention for a year and a half to 6 months.

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