Another 74-years-old elderly Kurd was killed by mercenary settlers in Afrin
On April 22/2020, a group of settlers in the town of Medanki / Afrin beat the 74-years-old Kurdish citizen Ali Muhammad Ahmed (Aliki) severely using their hands and sticks in the sight of armed gangs of the so-called Syrian National Army. As a result, he was transferred to the hospital of Afrin, where he died hours later, because of a concussion caused by severe beatings.
This is all because he tried to prevent the herdsmen from grazing their herd within his farmland at the entrance to the town of Medanaki, and this comes in less than a week after the murder of the Kurdish elderly Fatima Ibrahim Kanna in the village of Haikja on 18/4/2020.
Our elderly fathers and mothers have become easy prey for mercenaries from the factions of the Syrian terrorist coalition, in which this hideous crime is added to dozens of other crimes that were aimed at the elderly men and women as a result of armed robbery at their homes and killed them intentionally by suffocation, beatings or shooting dead without religious, moral or humanitarian deterrents.
We are in the Kurdish legal body and at a time when we condemn this hideous crime in the strongest terms, we call on Syrian and international human rights organizations to advance their moral and legal responsibilities in condemning and exposing Turkish occupation crimes and its mercenaries and exerting pressure to discourage Turkey from continuing to commit its crimes and end its occupation of Afrin and other occupied Syrian regions and leave with its mercenaries
Kurdish Legal Authority

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