The Defence of Endangered Peoples Association presented a memorandum on Erdogan’s “safe” area in Northern Syria to the governments of the European Union and America, four years after the agreement signed between the European Union and Turkey, as well as two years after the occupation of Afrin, the Kurdish Syrian, by Turkey.
According to the report published on the association’s website, the thirty-page memorandum examines the conditions of the regions occupied by Turkey in the north of Syria, and the violations, displacement and demographic change it witnesses.
The report includes a statement by Dr. Kamal Sido, in which he says that the Turkish President Erdogan wants to resettle a million Syrian refugees against their will in Northern Syria, and that the Turkish occupation army and extremist Islamic militias are practicing a policy of intimidation against the Kurdish population, Christians, and Yezidis, which resulted in the displacement of about a million and a half of them.
Sido also added “The violations of human rights and the attacks launched by Turkey have never been discussed in the UN Security Council or in the United Nations General Assembly, although analysis of international law classify the attacks on the Afrin region and the Syrian Kurdish capital of Ras al-Ain as clear violations and a breach of the international law,” calling on the international community to announce its position regarding war crimes committed by Turkey in the cities of Ras Al-Ain, Afrin and other regions
The Jurist Association ended its note with a set of demands directed at the governments of Germany, the European Union and America, which focused on the following points:
1- Germany, the European Union and the United States should not under any circumstances support the illegal settlement policy of the Turkish president in Northern Syria
2- They should ask Turkey to be transparent regarding the financial support to Turkey in order for this aid to actually reach refugees from Syria.
3- The German Federal Government and the European Union should publish all information on arms exports to Turkey.
4- The international community must demand the immediate withdrawal of the Turkish occupation army and end its support for Islamic extremist militias
5- The displaced Kurds, Yazidis, Christians and Alevis must be safely returned to the areas from which they were displaced and with international supervision and assistance.
6- Minimal human rights and minority rights as well as women’s rights in Northern Syria must be guaranteed. Communication with self-management there will help to achieve this goal

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