New violations of the Turkish factions in Afrin … kidnapping, torture and thefts.

April 10, 2020

More cases of human rights violations by pro-Turkish factions in the Afrin region follow, both against indigenous and internally displaced people, these violations are not limited to kidnapping and detention, but torture has become a means inherent to daily search campaigns, raids or even kidnappings of identity.
In the(( Rajo)) area of ​​Afrin, the leader of the “corps al-Majd” faction, led by Muhammad Habob, stormed the village of Zarkanli and searched a alot of houses, on April 4, 2020, while searching mobile phones for residents, they found a greeting card in the Kurdish language on the occasion of (Aidnoroz) on the citizen’s phone (Ali Sheikho Ahmad), so he was arrested because of that, and his relatives were informed that a sum of $ 500 must be paid. After his release today, April 9, 2020, it became clear that he had been subjected to brutal assault and severe torture by faction members in one of their prisons in the village.
In the city center of Afrin, gunmen from the (Syrian National Army) brutally wandering in a square in Nowruz Square brutally attacked a street vendor named (Walid Othman, the village of Darker / Mu’tabli was born in 49 years), without reason, as the seller sustained several wounds in the chest and face, The faint, and the citizen, Adha Mustafa Dahdo, 33, from the village of Maratah was kidnapped while he was in his workplace in a clothing store in the popular market in the city, and he was taken to an unknown destination.
In the Sheeran district, three civilians in the town of Medanky were struck by stray gunshots after their bullets hit their house as a result of gunfire by hand weapons from one of the headquarters of the (Sultan Murad) faction in the mountains surrounding the village of Qor Qawlaq. The wounded were: Hanan Hurik Salu, 45 years old. The village of Algi, Jamil Jabr / 16 years old, wounded in the hand, Othman Jabr, 60 years old, wounded in the head.
Armed elements of the Hamzat faction also kidnapped the citizen Rizan Hanif Sheikh Hassan, 30, and took him an unknown destination. In addition to having seized homes in the village of Kafr Zeit, including the house of Mohammed Sobhi Anwa, who succeeded in recovering him after he paid the sum of $ 1,000.
Since April 1, armed men loyal to Turkey have kidnapped 12 Kurdish youths from the villages of Afrin, in the region of (Shih), which is controlled by the “Sultan Suleiman Shah / Amashat” faction operating within the ranks of the “National Army / Syrian Coalition”. Abdullah Muhammad Ahmad Mustafa) They assaulted him and then kidnapped him and moved him to an unknown location. When members of his family tried to inquire about the location and the reason for his detention, members of the faction told them that they must pay 10,000 dollars to release him or he will disappear forever.
In the (Rajwa) area, gunmen stormed the house of 43-year-old “Mohammed Othman Muhammad Habbo” in the village of “Hassan / Hassan Kalkawi”, it was revealed that they were from the military police, kidnapped and transferred him to an unknown destination, and elements of the faction (Muhammad Al-Fateh Brigade) stormed A number of houses in the village of (Ma’amala Oshaghi) have kidnapped the young man (Murad Ahmad Battal) who was previously arrested 3 times. Also, a member of the “Hamzat” faction opened fire from his weapon at the farmer, “Muhammad Marouf Ibrahim”, who was in his field in the village of “Qada” and was wounded in the ear area. As a result, he was hospitalized in critical condition.
In the (Sherwa) area, members of the “Legion of the Levant” faction beat and insulted the young man “Adel Ahmed” in the village of “Wafertin” and transferred him to one of their prisons. Also, elements of the “Sham’s Front” faction stormed the village of (Burj Haidar) and arrested 9 people and took them to the security headquarters In Isca village without knowing their fate so far, they are: Khalil Hassan Hassan, Suleiman Bakri Aref, Khader Khalil Aref, Tariq Ahmed Suleiman, Akeed Rashid Hassan, Rashid Bakri Hassan, Muhammad Ahmed Hassan
In addition to the kidnapping of a young man, Suleiman Bakri, from the village of Kafr Nebo, in the Shirawa district, in Afrin, by the Military Police Service.

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