Local sources said today, Tuesday, that the militias loyal to the Turkish army shot a Kurdish citizen after he refused to leave his home in Afrin, western Kurdistan (Syrian Kurdistan).
A media source from the region stated to ((Basnews)) that “members of the Al-Sham Legion faction opened fire on the citizen, ((Delo Muhammad Arbo)), from the people of Basofan village in Afrin countryside after he refused to leave his home.”
He added that «these elements tried to resettle one of the leaders of the al-Sham Legion faction in the house of the citizen(( Delo Muhammad Arabo, ))and when he objected to the matter they shot him, which led to his injury with two BKC weapons».
The source pointed out that “Citizen ((Delo Muhammad Arbo ))Aid to Bab Al Hawa Hospital for treatment and his injuries are serious.”
And human rights organizations affirm that the militias loyal to Ankara continue to commit the most horrific crimes and violations against the Kurdish citizens in Afrin.

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