Afrin: Arrest of a gang involved in the kidnapping of 6 children.

The phenomenon of
child abduction is repeated, as it became common in the areas subject to Turkey in northern Syria, specifically in the Afrin district, the areas of the Euphrates Shield and many complaints about the failure of the security services and accusations of their involvement.
A source in the Military Police, a security device linked to the Syrian National Army, which was formed by Turkey in the region after its control in March /2018 / announced that a gang accused of kidnapping children was arrested in the city of Afrin, consisting of 5 people who kidnapped 6 children, with the aim of blackmailing their families and obtaining ransoms Financial from them in exchange for the release of their children.

Our reports reveal that the Turkish attack on northern Syria caused the death and injury of 341 children and that armed opposition factions within the National Army arrested 108 children, the fate of 46 of them is still unknown. The report prepared on November \26, 2019 /reveals that 83 children under the age of 16 were killed by gendarmerie The Turkish , on the Syrian border, was trying to cross into Turkey, in addition to injuring 75 children with gendarme bullets.

The names of the children the gang was holding:
1 _ Uday Muhammad Hindawi
2 _ Mohamed Zakaria
3 _ Ibrahim Adnan Aziz
4 _ Doha Adnan Aziz
5 _ Omar Mubarak Hassan
6 _ Mahmoud Ali Al-Saleem

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