On March 12, 2004, there was an assault by pro-Bashar al-Assad fans on young Kurd in a football match in the city of qashly in northern Syria. The chauvinist masses beat the Kurds with stones, sticks and knives without interference from the security forces of the Syrian regime. On the contrary, security forces have arrested, assaulted and insulted Kurdish young men. The Kurds ‘ anger turned into a protest movement and demonstrations across all Kurdish cities and moved to large cities such as Aleppo and Damascus.
In the demonstrations, demands were made to stop racist and xenophobic policies against Kurds in Syria, to solve the Kurdish issue and to guarantee their rights within the country’s Constitution. The system’s response to that was more arrests and restrictions on freedoms. He killed and kidnapped activists, killing about 40 people and arresting over 2,000 people.
Like all Kurdish uprisings, the central government buried the Kurds ‘ demands under the ashes and committed the most heinous crimes without considering the consequences. Kurds have no legal or constitutional status in the three countries of Iran, Turkey, Syria. Their homeland was divided among four countries at the beginning of the century by international agreements beyond their control, such as the Sykes Picot convention or the Lausanne convention. Therefore, all their efforts and their struggle for their rights run counter to international interests that do not respect their rights like other peoples. The Kurds have no representation in the UN, which gives the regimes governing the four nations that dare to commit crimes and even massacres without fear of punishment. Indeed, some states consider the struggle of Kurds to obtain their rights to be terrorism against these four states.
The March 12 uprising against the Bashar Assad regime proved that the Kurdish people still yearned for freedom and their rights. So he deserves international support. And I’m standing state (the Democratic) that turning a blind eye to violations of Turkey and Syria and Iraq and Iran against the Kurdish of contract agreements, the economic and the political at the expense of the Kurdish people and their policy is to support Democratic Forces in the Middle East and dictatorships, which will be a disaster for the state of the world as does the education system in the southern border of the European Union.

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