On 01/03/2020, the Turkish occupation intelligence kidnapped the Mokhtar of al-Ashrafiyya, 65 years old Ismail al-Waziru while he was in the local council of the city and took him to an unknown destination without knowing his fate until now, on charges of serving in the general departments of the previous administration. He was kidnapped twice Previously after the Turkish occupation forces entered through the armed elements of the Levant Front and forced him to pay the ransom for his release every time.
A number of residents, encouraged by the intelligence of the Turkish occupation and with the complicity of armed elements, seized the lands belonging to the Kurdish citizens and built a housing complex at the top of the mountain peak of Ashqiabar village. They also tried to build commercial complexes in the mountain that overlooks the town of Basuta in the name of the Levantine village.
On 01/03/2020, a group of armed elements accompanied by the residents completely cleared nearly 100 olive trees and kept them on the trunk in the field on the road to Raju district, owned by Akram Haj Ali, a resident of Jouqeh village.
Human Rights Organisation in Afrin

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