(( A Afrina family suffers from Turkish fire .. A mother recounts the tragedy of her four children ))

from Jenderes town in Afrin countryside, to the city of Afrin, and from there by an ambulance to the University Hospital in Aleppo, a short trip with its stations and its distance, long with its suffering and events that turned the life of the family upside down In order to merge the suffering of each of them and constitute a constant torture with displacement, after the control of Turkey and the factions loyal to it in the March 2018.
Jannat Baku (33 years), displaced from Afrin, who is the mother of five sons and daughters, the elder has lost her life in Afrin, does not mention much about the circumstances of the displacement of her family from her hometown of Genders, which was controlled by the Turkish army and the opposition factions loyal to him other than “the intensification of the bombing,” which forced her out, This is because what happened next in Afrin, the city was the most horrific, where most of the family became victims of the Turkish bombing.
The mother, known as Umm Munther, tells North Press that they left the town when the opposition factions and the Turkish army approached, to go to the Mahmudiyah neighborhood in the city of Afrin, where they stayed for about / 20 / days, then they went to Ashrafieh due to the intense bombing On Mahmudiyah.
The Turkish forces had taken control with their opposition factions on the strategic town of Jenderes, southwest of Afrin, on March 8, 2018, after fierce battles and clashes with the YPG, after which the attacking forces advanced towards the center of Afrin city, reinforced by dozens of aircraft during the operation The Turkish military, which started on January 20 of the same year.
Child victims
When violent shelling began in Ashrafieh on the 14th of March, the family of Munther was accompanied by the family of her husband’s sister in the neighborhood, the two families tried to reach the basement opposite the house in which they reside, and the first concern for adults was to deliver children to the other side of the neighborhood street, which has become The entire target of the bombing, but the shells landed near them to claim the life of the seven-year-old mother of Munther Munir “Kurgen” and the nephew of her husband.
Turkish attacks to control the city of Afrin in March of 2018 caused hundreds of civilians to lose their lives, in addition to the injuries that left permanent disabilities to an unknown number of people due to various displacement destinations, most notably areas and camps in the northern countryside of Aleppo.
The loss of her mother, Munther, was not the only loss that day, a fragment in the spine that paralyzed the lower half of her younger daughter’s body, “Afrin”, while a fragment in the head caused her son Munther to hysterical situations and violent behaviors, in addition to losing three fingers from his right hand.
In the hospital which coincidentally bears the name of her youngest daughter “Afrin” in the city center, the mother, the pregnant woman and who was also wounded by shrapnel, was amazed by the impact of the shock, among dozens of parents and other injured people, “My daughter was martyred in the first minutes, I did not see her and I did not see even her body.” I did not attend her funeral, and I was not (awake) and had several shrapnel wounds. “
Cemeteries and hospitals were not a safe place during the Turkish bombing, as a cemetery was hastily established near the city, “the martyr Avista cemetery”, and most of the victims were buried with coffins in a hurry and without the ceremonies that were required by the past, while the Afrin Hospital was bombed many times, and he mentioned Statement by the SDF at the time that the death toll from the Turkish bombing of the “overcrowded” hospital on March 16 has reached dozens, while Turkish media have attempted to “mislead public opinion” when they published a picture of a nearby building as a hospital and that it was not damaged According to the same statement.
A continuous tragedy
At the University Hospital in Aleppo, the medical staff explained that the child “Afrin” does not control any parts of her body below the waist, and that she will remain so for the mother to bear the responsibility of “reducing it and carrying out physical therapy on a daily basis for two years now.”
Mother Baku is concerned about what might happen to her seven-year-old daughter, despite her suffering from disc pain in her care, with the aim of “not having muscular atrophy and dealing with urinary tract infections that affect her from time to time”, forcing them to enter the hospital every period.
Munther, who was four years old at the time of the accident, does not seem to be in good shape. He is not aware of the consequences of his violent and reprisal actions. He tried months ago to burn his little brother Khushnaf, who is seven years old, and his brother’s face was greatly disfigured, What required several surgeries to treat him, “We performed three surgeries for Khushnaf and he needs a fourth operation according to what the attending physician told us, it will also cost from / 250 / thousand to / 300 / thousand pounds.”
Difficult conditions
She adds that the father is the only breadwinner for the family and he is not able to provide all the family’s necessities from his work as a worker who receives a daily wage. / 200 / one thousand pounds per month, according to what Beeko Paradise explains.
The family of Munther now needs to borrow again to cover the costs of the Khushnaf operation, the daily physical treatment of Afrin, and follow up the health and psychological state of Munther, in addition to the medical examination fees, the price of medicines for the three of them, and the expenses of the family’s daily life in general. “We got out of Afrin without even carrying our clothes, and now we depend on debt.”
Um Munther says that she does not receive aid from humanitarian organizations and that those who helped her with knowledge do not have the means to continue to help them anymore, while she is thinking about the fate of her children who have become victims of the war missiles that have left hundreds of thousands of Afrin residents who are still suffering because of its effects.

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