Turkey backed armed opposition groups launch new arrest campaign in Afrin
// February 21, 20200.//
The armed groups supported by Turkey continue to intimidate the remaining residents of Afrin in their villages and towns, and continue to storm villages and arrest their residents on the pretext of their association with self-administration, an argument they have taken since they seized Turkish support in the city in March 2018, according to which she arrested approximately 6 thousand citizens, the fate of nearly 3,100 of them is still unknown.
The security forces linked to Turkey stormed several villages in the regions of Shara, Balbalah, Raju, arresting 8 people, including ((Ahmed Muhammad 35 years old, Ahmed Ali Hamo, 37 years old, who are from the village of Shaltahti / Balbalah)) and ((Hanan Hassan Abd from the village of Mersawa / Sharan)) and (( Azad Muhammad Ali Suleiman, from the village of Gulia \ Raju)) without knowing the reasons for the kidnapping, and taking them to unknown destinations.
Also, the village of Maratah, affiliated to the city of Afrin, was stormed, a number of houses were searched, and the residents’ phones and some of the papers were randomly confiscated, including those related to title deeds and civil records, and the kidnapping of three elderly citizens, namely ((Ahmed Mustafa Haydo, 80 years old, Khalil Saeed Ayoubi, 75 years old, Mustafa Muhammad Alo 65 years old.

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