The situation in the Afrin region is heading towards an unimaginable humanitarian catastrophe as a result of the security chaos, corruption and tyranny that the Turkish occupation government and its military forces sought to accompanied by the militias loyal to it, which are under the name of the “Free Syrian National Army”, especially after the exodus of Syrian citizens fleeing the countryside of Idlib and the north-western countryside from Aleppo and directing them to settle in the city of Afrin and its suburbs, due to the closure of the Turkish border and preventing them from entering Aleppo based on the Syrian regime’s orders.
First of all, Afrin is suffering from a humanitarian catastrophe threatened by the explosion of the population as a result of the settlement of most of the fleeing in the region in the prefabricated buildings _ after the seizure of the prefabricated houses _ and are provided by the armed elements with funds provided by religious and humanitarian charities working according to the recommendations of the Turkish intelligence and providing them with the necessary facilities, especially for those belonging to the terrorist militias, including the Headquarters of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham, the former “Al-Nusra Front” and the Escape of the ones in charge from them after the embezzlement of funds – the escape of the Head of the Rescue Government from the areas controlled by Hayat Tahrir al-Sham with millions of dollars _ which let most of their elements to flee also to the Afrin region with their weapons (machine gun 500), which they offer for sale in public between 250 _ 350 thousands Syrian Lira.
Likewise, continous raids and search campaigns and accusing the Kurdish citizens of dealing with the previous self-administration and transferring them to the judiciary for the sake of getting a ransom and forcing them to leave and leave their properties to the settlers and to stifle relief organizations that provide services to the people of the region and the displaced alike- Despite criticism about the behaviour of some of its members and the corruption in its management as a result of embezzlement by weak souls- Which led to the dismissal of a large number of employees and the cessation of their medical support to hospitals that are already suffering from obstacles imposed on them by Turkish intelligence. And the military hospital in Afrin, “Avrin previously,” did not accept help in relieving burdens on other hospitals, especially for patients with young children who suffer from chronic diseases and require special attention in intensive care and the necessity of transferring them to hospitals inside Turkish territory.
Second: Kidnapping, looting and armed robbery

  1. On Saturday 02/08/2020, the civil police and the Turkish intelligence services kidnapped the citizen Idris Ramadan Omar from the village of Qarah Tebah, located in the Sharan district, accompanied by a girl from the village of Qastal Keshk, at the checkpoint in the entrance to the city of Afrin, and took them to an unknown destination without knowing their fate so far
  2. Armed elements belonging to the Sultan Murad faction controlling the village of Qurat Kul, located in Bulbul district, on 02/08/2020 forced the owners of tractors to provide water to the headquarters and the homes of their members by force without paying wages, knowing that the price of a litre of diesel is approximately 800 Syrian Lira And the cost of a single tank is approximately 5,000 thousand Syrian Lira.
  3. Armed elements belonging to the same faction in the village (Qarat Kul) seize the firewood of the people after sweeping their olive trees and taking them to the headquarters for financial extortion and then selling them as firewood.
  4. A group of individuals (an armed gang) robbed the house of the elderly woman, Sadika Ali, 80 years old, from the people of Qara Kul village after midnight on 02/08/2020, threatening her with weapons and knives, intimidating her more than four times and stealing the cash in her possession and a jar Gas and some of the contents of the house and its kitchen. Note that she was previously stolen and armed robbery for nearly eight months

Human Rights Organization in Afrin

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