Another crime added to the criminal record of the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries from terrorists of the so-called Free Army
Where reliable sources from the occupied Afrin reported that the people in the hills surrounding the village of Hassa (Mirkan) of the Mu’tali district found the body of a man thrown on the side of the road with signs and signs of severe torture
It turned out later that the body is of the citizen
Saeed Rashid Majeed from the village of Atmana / Raju
He was kidnapped at the Wadi al-Nashab site near the village of Birbana, which is controlled by mercenaries from Al Hamza militia on 9/11/2019, while he was returning from Jenderes and after he delivered an amount of oil to the economic office of the occupation
Note, according to the relatives ’account, the kidnapper asked them for a ransom amount of 20 thousand dollars in exchange for his release, in addition to a large amount he had in his possession at the time of his abduction, and after they paid the ransom he was not released.
Monitoring and documentation office in the Kurdish legal authority

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