The so-called (security forces) affiliated with the (Legion of Sham) militia have warned about 150 families from the rural areas of Hama, Idlib, Aleppo and some indigenous Kurdish families in the villages of ((Isca # Al-Iskan)) and Jalameh belonging to the district of Jenderes, the necessity of evacuating their homes, except for some militia families according to the Syrian Observatory For human rights.
The observatory indicated that the militia of the Turkish occupation and the Muslim Brotherhood had imposed financial sums on families in exchange for their housing in houses confiscated by the “Legion of the Levant” that had been confiscated by Kurdish families earlier.
While the observatory did not mention the reasons that prompted the militia to demand the Kurdish indigenous population, in addition to the settlers, to claim their departure from the two villages, it appears clear that the militia seeks to embrace settlers with their gunmen or those loyal to them, in addition to resettling families who are paid monthly rent.
Information continues about the Islamic militias affiliated with the Turkish occupation and the Muslim Brotherhood expelling the indigenous Kurdish population from their homes in several villages in the occupied Kurdish region of Afrin, in order to resettle those fleeing the Idlib governorate, and those who flock to the region in large numbers.
And the “Afrin Post” had obtained on January 9th, information that the “Al-Badr Martyrs” group of the “Ahrar al-Sharqiya militia” had prepared about twenty residential buildings, which were taken over by the militia in the Western Autostrad area in the city center of Afrin, to rent their apartments to fleeing from the governorate Idlib, where each apartment is rented for 15 thousand liras per month, and it is known that each building contains between 8 to 10 apartments.
The threat of evacuation of the villages of Isca and Jalama comes days after the militia of “Al Hamza Squad” militia has given the remaining Kurdish residents in the village of “Kimar” in the district of Shirawa, to leave their homes and properties within a maximum period of three days, on January 29, in preparation for the settlement of families Fleeing from the western countryside of Aleppo instead of them, in the framework of a systematic plan to complete the comprehensive demographic change in the occupied Kurdish region, amid the shameful silence of various international, regional and local human rights institutions.
The “Al Hamza Squad” militia had threatened eleven Kurdish families who were remaining in the “Barad” village of Shirawa district to evacuate them on January 25, as the 11 families had already left their homes in the “Barad” village, and went to Afrin And, the Afrin Post reporter monitored some of them, as they were searching for houses to rent in the crowded city fleeing Idlib areas.

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