Turkish forces, accompanied by members of the Syrian factions in the National Army, launched a massive arrest campaign in the city of Afrin and its villages, Thursday, at least 18 citizens.
Turkish army and intelligence forces stormed the village of Maratah in Afrin, northwest of Aleppo, and launched a massive search campaign in the homes of the residents.
The incursion resulted in the arrest of nine young men, including: (Ahmed Houriya, Rizan Khalil Ali, Saeed Khalil Ayoubi, Ali Hanan Genji, Ali Khalil Naasan, Rukan Haider Mesto, Omar Haider Mesto, Ahmad Abdo Qulayj, Salah Abdul Rahman Rasho).
In addition, elements belonging to the Amshat / Sulayman Shah faction in the Sheikh Al-Hadid region attacked a citizen of Cartamlaq named “Jamil Othman” (“Jamil Hamdi Kobe”), where he was severely beaten in addition to breaking two fingers for him, and they also took from him an amount of 35 thousand Syrian pounds that was in his possession .
In the Jandrisa district, the Turkish army stormed several houses in the village of Ramadi and arrested 5 people, including the young man Basim Ahmed Ahmed, on charges of compulsory service in the previous administration and he was taken to an unknown destination. It also arrested the young, Joan Karra Gul, from the people of the village of Satya, in the Maqtali district, on the same charge.

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