The Kurdish citizens of Afrin still live in a nightmare that did not end with one or several consecutive nights, but it was prolonged and still continuing. Two years ago this tragedy began, as Turkey prepared and planned everything in advance, masterfully, and premeditatedly. First, it obtained the approval of the influential countries under the pretext of protecting their national security, then gathered all the criminal elements from the various Free Syrian Army battalions and foreign terrorist elements and fed them with money and extremist religious thought, and began Its war using all modern weapons against the city of Afrin and its people until Turkey took control of it and entered it accompanied by these terrorist groups. Turkey’s first goal of its campaign was to empty the Afrin region of its 95% Kurdish population, and since the military offensive was violent, then about three hundred thousand citizens fled and still reside in the camps without being allowed to return to their homes. Completing its project to bring about a demographic change for the Kurds of Afrin from the Kurds and replace them with Arab and Turkmen citizens, Turkey has released the hands of members of these armed groups to wreak havoc in Afrin. In the birth of every new day there is a new death and a pain that the pens cannot describe. Kurdish citizens in the city of Afrin under the Turkish occupation and the rule of criminal groups are subjected to the worst forms of injustice, cursed, beaten, tortured, and robbed of their property and holdings of cars, agricultural tractors, etc., and they are obliged to pay royalties and funds and kidnap them and threaten them with death in the event of non-payment of large amounts of money. Adherents of other religions, such as Yezidis, for example, are subjected to the most severe harassment. Their temples and religious shrines have been destroyed and bombed. Also, the delivery of humanitarian aid from organizations is limited to settlers only, not to the original Kurdish population. All of these things created a deteriorating security situation and extreme poverty for the Kurdish citizen, which leads him to move away from his city of Afrin until the percentage of the Kurds has become less than twenty percent, and this is what Turkey has sought and sought by all the malicious means that it adopted in its policy of dealing with the city of Afrin. Finally, two years after the Turkish occupation, we ask whether achieving Turkish national security requires all this injustice and misery that has befallen the Kurdish people in Afrin, a question by drawing the answer by the countries that gave the Turkish state the green light to attack Afrin under the pretext of protecting national security.
We ask the Security Council and the countries of the European Union:
1 – International protection for the Kurdish people in Syria under Turkish occupation and extremist Islamic groups.

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