There are many methods used by the Turkish forces to pressure the Kurdish citizens in the region in order to force them to leave and notify them of humiliation and humiliation by instructing the armed elements ((armed militias)) that fall under the name of the Free Syrian National Army of the Provisional Syrian Government and the National Coalition to practice all forms of inhuman violations, Despite this, he endured harsh conditions and remained stuck to his land and history.

1 _ The security forces ((Political Security)) escorted Turkish intelligence on Tuesday 14/01/2020 to kidnap Professor Bashar from the people of Musako Village, an employee of the Souls Department of Afrin City Council, and took him to an unknown destination without knowing his fate until now.
Note that a number of employees and engineers have been kidnapped previously in the local council of the city of Afrin, and a number of them were dismissed on false charges and arguments.

2 _ The Political Security officers instructed the Turkish Intelligence on Tuesday 14/01/2020 to kidnap the citizen Idris Muhammed Hanif Sheikho, 41 years old, from the people of Qarat Tebah village of Sharan district, while he was passing by car on the Political Security Street back to His house in the village, knowing that he works in the field of auto mechanics and engine oil change.

3 _ A militant in the Raju district reported that investigations are still ongoing regarding the disappearance of the young woman, Zalukh Muhammad bint Muhammad, 20 years old, from the people of Hasan Qalqawi village on Friday 10/01/2020, after she left the house during the afternoon and did not return until today without Knowing her fate so far, despite her father’s distinguished relations with the armed elements and the Turkish forces and the distinguished family visits with them.

Human Rights Organization in Afrin

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