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  70 thousand fruit trees are cut down in Afrin 01/13/2020

A Syrian human rights organization said today, Monday, that terrorist gangs loyal to the Turkish army arrested nine civilians in the Afrin countryside in western Kurdistan (Syrian Kurdistan), while citizens organized a protest in front of a Turkish military base in order to denounce the cutting of 70 thousand fruitful trees.

The human rights organization in Afrin said in a statement that the armed gang members of the Mehmed al-Fateh faction accompanied the Turkish intelligence services, kidnapped 9 Kurdish citizens, including three women, and confiscated their cell phones in the village of Korkan, in the district of Mapata, on charges of dealing with the previous administration and taking them to an unknown destination.

She added that the kidnappers were «Khadija Muhammad, Khadija Hassan, Amina Nami Kilo, Ahmed Mustafa, Asaad Mustafa, Bahjat Hassan, Mustafa Hassan, Bahjat Mukhtar, Hassan Aref.»

The organization clarified that “the citizens (men and women) organized a protest in front of the military base headquarters in the district of Bulbul district, demanding that al-Qaeda officials prevent armed elements and settlers from cutting olive trees that have so far reached more than 70 thousand trees cut belonging to the people of approximately 18 villages only.” .

The organization pointed out that “elements of the terrorist armed gangs, under the supervision of the Turkish intelligence, are storming villages and confiscating cell phones in order to monitor the contacts and correspondence that Kurdish citizens make with their children and brothers abroad.”

The organization also stated, “Armed elements in the village of Trinda cut more than 2,000 olive and pomegranate trees owned by Sheikh Haider and Rashid Misto.”

Human Rights Organization in Afrin

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