On Thursday 09/01/2020, members of the Political Security and the Military Police, accompanied by Turkish intelligence, kidnapped two citizens of the village of Maersa, which belongs to the Sharan district, following the will of Osman Kadro Rahilo and his brother Walid, from the village of Kafr Rams, on charges of compulsory service in the previous administration and dealing With the party, and taking them to an unknown destination until now without knowing their fate, namely:
1 :: Amal Muhammad Mustafa
2 :: Arian Khalil
Note that the citizen Amal had previously been kidnapped twice by armed elements, and every time she was forced to pay a financial ransom for her release.
Today, they are providing their services to the armed elements and the Turkish forces
Also, on Sunday 12/01/2020, two armed brothers from the village were kidnapped by the armed elements of the Sultan Suleiman Shah (Amshahat) faction in the Shih district who controlled the security of the village of Kakhira, administratively in the area of ​​Maqtali. Without knowing their fate:
1::Walat Haj Ali Abbou, 38 years old
2 :: Idris Haj Ali Abbou, 35 years old

Human Rights Organization in Afrin

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