The waves of displacement of citizens from Idlib Governorate and its regions increase day after day as a result of the bombing of the Syrian and Russian regime forces towards the Turkish border, targeting the Bab Al-Hawa crossing, which is closed to their faces, but the majority is heading towards the cities of Afrin and Azaz, which are received by armed factions in each region to secure the residence and Shelter for them according to their whims.
In the Afrin region, the elements of these factions resettle them in the homes of the Kurds who seized them for free and sometimes they rent the houses on their own account in varying amounts estimated at (25_50) thousand Syrian pounds (27_55) US dollars, but sometimes they expel their owner to accommodate the displaced to take the status of resettlement And we touched on that two days ago. While in the city of Azaz, the armed elements and civilians rent the homes to the displaced for a sum of $ 100, despite the difficult financial conditions they are going through.
On the other hand, the Turkish occupation forces still impose their arbitrary decisions towards the Kurdish people and tighten the noose on them from all aspects of security, military and economic in order to force them to leave, leaving creating an atmosphere of futility and other conditions of corruption, tyranny and ethnic and religious strife up to kidnappings Theft, looting, and armed robbery of faction leaders and their armed elements.
In the Shih side, the oldest called Muhammad Al-Jassem, known as Abu Amsha, leader of the so-called faction of Sultan Suleiman Shah al-Amshahat, by pressing the villagers of the region and forcing them to pay each family of the original Kurdish population a sum of 10,000 Syrian pounds in exchange for insuring the expenses of its members, and settling the arrivals in homes The Kurds are in company with them by sharing the rooms, while its members and the previous settlers are not ready to contain the newcomers in the homes they reside in.
And it is estimated that more than 500 families have entered the Shih district (the center of the town and its villages), while in the Bulbul district, their numbers are estimated at more than 100 families, in the district of Jandares, about 600 families, while in the Sharan district, their numbers are estimated at about 150 families. More than 250 families in the Shirawa district.
Note that families who headed towards the city of Azaz feel more secure than the Afrin region to provide water, electricity, security and safety despite the high value of rent in the city, which is determined by the market according to the law of supply and demand.

On the 23_26 / 12/2019, the Turkish Civil Police and Intelligence Police kidnapped a number of Kurdish citizens in Bulbul district on charges of compulsory service in the previous administration and took them to the district center of Bulbul and the city of Afrin without knowing their fate, and they are:
1 _ Abdo Horo Muhammad / Bulbul
2 _ Ibu Horo Muhammad / Bulbul
3- _ Abdul Rahman Muhammad / Bilan Village
4 _ Jekir Sheikho bin Aslan / Bilan Village
5 _ Kawa Muhammad bin Tatar / Bilan Village
6 _ Yerevan Kula Bint Rashid / Bilan Village
7 _ Muhammad Mustafa Tatar Village / Bilan, who is from the Kurdish Tribes Council
8 _ Othman Ahmed bin Suleiman / Ahmed Mestah village
Knowing that Mustafa Mohammed bin Tatar was kidnapped with the group, but he was later released and there are still two other citizens whom we have not been able to know their names up to now.

Human Rights Organization in Afrin

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