Pages loyal to the Islamic militias affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood and the Turkish occupation showed pictures of the road between the two districts of Jenderes and Raju with the center of the occupied Kurdish Afrin region, showing hundreds of tents of settlers coming from Idlib, following a Turkish deal to displace the remaining indigenous people in the cities of Afrin and (Sirieh Kaneh ) Ras Al-Ain” and “Gree Spi\Tel Abyad” and the settlement of citizens from other cities instead of them in order to achieve a demographic change in those cities mentioned.
These pages indicated that the newly established tents about 15 days ago, were erected between olive fields or in forests, in a clear infringement on the property of citizens, as it is feared that their tents would turn into a fait accompli and permanent settlements in light of the inability of the original Kurdish population to ask settlers to leave From their fields, as a result of their protection by the militants of the Islamic militias, who do not hesitate to censure any Kurdish citizen who expresses his refusal to convert his land to a settlement center. The militants also house a portion of those who fled Idlib within the homes of the Kurdish Afrin residents who are still standing on their land.
The pro-armed pages indicated that the informal settlements that the settlers are building are in the form of small clusters of the same settlement family, as each family resorts between ten to twenty tents on the lands of the Kurdish peasants in separate areas of the Afrin countryside.
Noting that the occupation militias, which call themselves “the police, are registering their settlement blocs in order to direct the organizations concerned to provide aid to the settlers in those camps.
The settlers take care of the sheep that they brought with them among the olive trees belonging to the indigenous Kurdish population of Afrin, which is a violation of all the criteria of privacy and ownership, as it is known in the region that it prevents grazing of sheep between olive fields in order to prevent harm and damage to trees, which has become a living reality since The Turkish military occupation applied to the Kurdish region.

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