Countering Turkish Aggression Act of 2019 Bill Summary by Section
16 October 2019 Section 1: Short Title:
Name of the bill: The Countering Turkish Aggression Act of 2019 Section 2: Sense of Congress:
Sense of the Congress that the decision to pull back U.S. troops along the Turkey-Syria border area, has grave consequences for the national security of the US, its allies and partners. Turkey should immediately cease unilateral military action in Northeast Syria and respect existing agreements related to Syria. The U.S. should continue supporting and protecting Syrian Kurdish communities, who have built democratic institutions and who are key partners of the U.S. in the ongoing fight against ISIS in Iraq and Syria.
The President should call on Turkey to end its offensive operations against the Syrian Kurds and return to the framework agreement between the U.S. and Turkey establishing a safe zone along the TurkishSyrian border; withdraw the invitation for President Erdogan to travel to the United States for meetings at the White House, and seek unity with European and other key partners to condemn Turkey’s military offense in northeastern Syria.
Section 3: Definitions:
 Financial Institution
 Foreign Financial Institution
 Foreign Person
 Knowingly
 U.S. Person
Section 4: Imposition of Sanctions on Turkish Institutions/Officials Imposes sanctions on top Turkish government officials (president, vice president, ministers of defense, foreign affairs and trade and director of Turkish Intelligence).
imposes sanctions on any foreign entity or person providing support or transacting with Turkish Armed Forces
 Prohibits U.S. entities and persons from providing support or transacting with Turkish Armed Forces
 Sanctions any entity or foreign person that supports the production of petroleum or natural gas in Turkey for use by the Armed Forces
Section 5: Imposition of Sanctions on Financial Institutions
 Sanctions Turkiye Halk Bakasi and related entities
 Allows additional sanctions on other financial institution that have knowingly facilitated transactions for Turkish military or defense industry relating to Turkey’s operation in Syria
Section 6: Sanctions with respect to Syrian Energy Production
 Sanctions on foreign persons who provide support to facilitate domestic energy production in Syria for use by Iran, Russia, Turkey, or Assad
 Prohibits any U.S. person from transactions with Syrian energy production that benefits Syria, Turkey, Iran, and Russia
Section 7: CAATSA section 231 Sanctions
Within 30 day, applies CAATSA sanctions to Turkey for its S400 purchase
Section 8: Prohibition on U.S. Military Assistance
 No use of funds to sell or transfer any U.S. defense articles, services, technology, or materials or ammunition to the Turkish Armed Forces
 No use of emergency authority under the Arms Export Control Act
Section 9: Prohibition on Purchases of Turkish Sovereign Debt
Prohibits any U.S. entity or person from purchasing sovereign debt from the Government of Turkey
Section 10: Visa Restrictions
Visa Restrictions on top Turkish government officials with exception for international obligations (U.N.)
Section 11: Erdogan Net Worth
Report on net worth and assets inside and outside Turkey of President Erdogan and his family members (son, daughter, wife and relatives) within 60 days of enactment
Section 12: Strategy to Defeat ISIS
 Summarizes findings of Congress on the importance of the SDF partnership, the status of ISIS, the potential negative impact of a Turkish invasion, and the danger of a U.S. withdrawal from Syria
 Requires a report to Congress from the President within 30 days of enactment on the strategy to counter ISIS resurgence, stabilize the region, and secure detained ISIS fighters
Section 13: Report on U.S. Personnel in Turkey
Requires the President within 30 days of enactment to submit an interagency report assessing viable alternative military installations or other locations to host U.S. Armed Forces personnel or assets currently stationed at Incirlik Air Base in Turkey
Section 14: Exceptions
The act shall not apply to the following:
 Provisions of humanitarian assistance including medical assistance to the people of turkey
 Efforts to promote democracy in Turkey including election assistance
 Intelligence Activities
Shall not apply to reporting requirements under title V of the National Security Act or any authorized intelligence activities of the U.S.
Requires that intelligence activities may not be carried out in a manner that provides targeting data to Turkey against SDF Section 15: Implementation; Penalties
 Emphasizes authorities of the President provided by sections 203 and 205 of the International Emergency Economic Powers Act (IEEPA)
 Applies penalties for violations of the act as set forth in the IEEPAVertaling bekijken

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