Anti-terrorist units arrested fleeing Russians from ISIS families, who had managed to escape from the (al-Houl camp) who were planning to reach the city of al-Bab in Aleppo, which is controlled by militants backed by Turkey.
The arrest took place on Friday morning, after a house was raided in the Kallassah neighborhood, west of the city of Hasaka, where 3 Russian women and 6 of their children were arrested, in addition to the arrest of the person responsible for the smuggling operation earlier.
The Turkish attack on the east of the Euphrates region resulted in the flight of hundreds of ISIS families, including fighters from the organization, while SDF announced earlier that it had managed to thwart the escape of 635 ISIS women and their children from Al-Hawl camp, which is home to about 72 thousand, including Syrians and foreigners. They managed to arrest those who facilitated the escape from inside the camp.
On December 26, 2019, the Syrian Democratic Forces” arrested five ISIS women and their children after fleeing from the (Al-Hol Camp) as they were on their way to Turkish-controlled areas, through smugglers. QSD was able to arrest them on the way to the village of Al-Kalta, north of Raqqa.
Since the Turkish attack on the east of the Euphrates, dozens of ISIS women and a number of ISIS operatives have managed to flee the camps, through networks run by armed groups backed by Turkey.
Seven women from the families of the State surrendered to the Turkish security forces on Tuesday at the Gilo Gozo crossing in Hatay Iskenderun crossing opposite the Bab Al-Hawa border crossing, after fleeing from the “Al-Hawl” camp.
The Anatolia Agency affiliated with the Islamic Justice and Development Party said on Tuesday that 7 women from ISIS, who hold Turkish citizenship, surrendered to the Turkish security forces at the “Gila Kuzu” crossing on the Syrian side.
Yesterday, the security forces in Al-Hol camp found the bodies of a man and his wife, who were killed by a sharp object, in Al-Hol camp, which is the most dangerous camp in the world.

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