16 children are victims of a new massacre committed by the Turkish occupation against the Afrin displaced in Tel Rifaat

The Turkish occupation and its mercenaries today 2-12-2019 committed a horrific massacre in the city of Tel Rifaat as a result of heavy artillery shelling.
  Photos and passages from Tal Rifaat confirm dozens of casualties among a martyr and a wounded, mostly children. Agencies reported that there were 10 martyrs, including 8 children, as well as 10 wounded, including 8 children.
  Martyrs’ names and ages as reported in Hawar News Agency:
  Hussein Abdulla was born in 1945
  – Ali Mahmoud Othman, born in 1965
  The martyr children are:
  – Hamouda Mohammed Ali, 11 years old
  – Mustafa Mohammed Majeed 10 years
  – Mohammad Omar Hami, 7 years old
  – Aref Mohammed 6 years
  – Imad Ahmed Kivu, 9 years old
  – Abdel Fattah Alico 3 years
  – Samira Abdulrahman Hasso 12 years old
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  The names and ages of the wounded, according to the same agency:
“- Anisa Chloe 20 years
  – Abdullah Tawfiq Hanan 20 years
  In addition, 8 children were wounded:
  – Hanif Mohammed Hamo, 9 years old
  – Djawar 3 years
  – Mohammed Kivu 10 years
  – Khalil Mohammed 3 years
  – Hassan Omar 10 years
  – Elias Hassoun, 6
  – Adham 6 years
  _Bayram Hussein Aklo.
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