Armed elements under the name “Syrian National Army” of the Syrian Interim Government and the pro-Turkish National Coalition continue to carry out the political and military agendas of the Turkish regime, including settlement and genocide. Their current mission is to carry out looting, theft, armed robbery and indiscriminate kidnapping in order to collect ransom, impose royalties on agricultural crops, seize houses and property, cut down fruitful and forested trees, and sell firewood to earn money.
A campaign of raids and kidnapping of a number of Kurdish citizens in the town of Ma’batli and Qantara village of the district was launched during the last two days by the Turkish intelligence and accompanying the armed elements of the Sham Front faction to them under the pretext of compulsory service and stand on the barriers even for those who served For one or two days compulsory, and collecting a ransom of 100,000 Syrian pounds for the release of each of them note that some of them could not pay the amount imposed on them.
The campaign is still going on, according to the logbook of the military record of the guards’ mission at the checkpoints in the hands of Turkish security agents, which includes a long list of names on its pages.
We have been able to obtain some of the names of those released and others are still in custody:
_ Maatbali town:
1 _ Ramzi Shaabo bin Mustafa
2 _ Mohammed Mohammed Ali bin Bilal
3 _ Khalil Bakr

_ Qantara village
1 _ Ahmed Kalkhash
2 _ Ali Mohammed Murad
  3 _ Ramzi Hanan Othman
4__ Khalil Manan Yousef
5 _ Prophet Khalil Hannan
6 _ Azad Ahmed Hanan
7 _ Mohamed Ahmed Hanan
8 _ Ahmed Aslan
9 _ Naam Ahmed Hanan
10 _ Mohamed Rabie Youssef
11 _ Ali Hanan Shekho
12_ Abdul Rahman Mohammed Sheikh sleepy
13 _ Khalil Hanan Khalil (mayor of the village).

Human Rights Organization in Afrin

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