Three forests in the village of Meska Fauqani became barren without trees!

Armed factions / mercenaries of the Turkish occupation continue their ongoing violations against human beings, trees and stone in the occupied city of Afrin.

In this context, the correspondent of the network “Afrin Activists Network AAN” that the gunmen / mercenaries of the so-called Eastern Army of the Turkish occupation cut down forest trees in the area known as “Forest Primo Hasso Kalke”, which is located 1 km from the village of Meske Fauqani (Jndrase).

Our correspondent added that the gunmen mercenaries of the Eastern Army of the mercenary “Abu Hamza Khasham” cut down the trees of the forest of Prem Hissu, which contained thousands of cypress, oaks, poles and Hevers, where this armed faction began to cut trees continuously as of 5/11/2019, Where our network published a video clip of that faction as they transported trees in one of their cars and sing with joy.
The logging continued for several days in a row until the forest was left without trees as shown in the attached picture.

It is worth mentioning that the gunmen mercenaries of the Eastern Army also earlier cut down forest trees in two other sites located near the village of Meska Fokani also one known as “Forest Batal” and also about 1 km west of Meska village and east of the village of Jubana, which contained Nearly 1,000 cypress trees were cut down, most of them leaving only one hundred trees.
The other site, known as the “Khoja Mountain Forest” extends 300 meters north of the Prim Forest, where all the trees on both ends of the road leading to the forest have been cut down.

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