The Government and the Syrian opposition have agreed on the names of the members of the drafting committee for the new constitution for Syria, and the UN Secretary-General announced that there is agreement among all parties on the members of the committee, and that the UN representative will participate for the purpose of completing the work within a short period.

After nearly a year of talks, the Syrian government and the Syrian opposition agreed on the names of the members of the drafting committee for the new constitution for Syria. The UN secretary general and the Turkish foreign minister confirmed this without mentioning when the committee will start its work.

“There is now agreement among all parties on the composition of the Syrian constitution committee, and non-Petersen is working with the parties to define the rules of the committee’s work, in the hope that it will be completed soon,” UN Secretary-General Antonio Gonzales said.

“We had a very good meeting with the UN secretary general,” said Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu. “We discussed many issues, including Syria and the formation of the constitution committee which will be formed soon.”

However, an hour after the statement of Davutoglu, the UN spokesman did not express the optimism expressed by the UN Secretary General and the Turkish Foreign Minister, and declared that the commission’s work is linked to the success of the UN envoy’s visit to Damascus.

Under the UN plan, which has the support of all members of the UN Security Council, a 150-member constitution committee will be formed and a draft of the new constitution for Syria to be the cornerstone of a new political process in Syria.
According to information obtained by Rudaw Media Network from the United Nations Secretariat, the participation of Kurds in this committee will be by names and there will be no talks on the establishment of a federal system or special administration.
A senior UN official told Rudaw that the opposition and the Syrian government differed on many things, but agreed on their stance on the Kurds and anti-federalism.

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