The martyrdom of old Kurdish Kurdin Houria Mohammed Bakr, due to her injuries as a result of the Islamic gangs beaten and tortured by the Turkish occupation, about two weeks after the death of her old husband, “Mohiuddin Osu,” in the same operation.
  On August 25, 1919, the gang of the “Shamiya Front” stormed the home of Muhyiddin Osso, 78, from the village of Qatma in Ashrafieh district, near the Jane Canteen (behind the Eisha gas station). Restrict and beat and torture the old couple, which led to the immediate martyrdom of Mohiuddin.
  Houria Mohammed Bakr, 74, suffered severe bruising on the face and chest, causing internal bleeding. After a day at the hospital, she was returned to her home to die 12 days after the death of her husband Muhyiddin.

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