An armed group of the National Army backed by Ankara, Dr. Kamal Jaafar, was arrested after raiding his home in the city of Afrin. The “gang” informed his family through the application of the Wats Ab to pay a ransom for his release.
His wife, who lives in Europe, received a call from the group demanding that she send $ 3,000 to a specific place in Idleb, in exchange for her husband’s release or that he would be killed.
In the villages of Al-Marwaniyah and Anqla, in the village of Jundaresh, several houses were raided and six persons were arrested by the factions and taken to an unknown destination. Their names were documented: Aref Mohammed Abdo, Azad Kamal Abdo, Kamal Mohammed Abdo, Khalil Hanan, Hani Abdo Sido and Haitham Manan Bakir.
Another source pointed out that the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries set fire to the forests surrounding Kara village.
The Al-Amashat faction also imposed new kinds of new levies on the villagers, forcing the residents of Shuran to feed the people present there on the pretext that they were there to protect them and protect their crops.

The members of the platoon confiscated the Sumaq crop belonging to the villagers of Kufa in the area of ​​Mu’abtali and sold it to their close associates. They also confiscated the cars of the sumaq crop in Raju and imposed money on each car.
Members of the Sultan Murad faction seized the crops and property of some residents of the village of Darekir in the area of ​​Mu’abatli, under the pretext of flimsy cooperation and communication with self-management. They also with elements of the so-called Samarkand Brigade confiscated crops in the village of Rutanli and forced their inhabitants to feed their members.
Members of Major General Sultan Murad also raided the Bulbul area in Afrin and arrested three young men: Abdurrahman Jamil Mohammed, Delbrin Mohammed Primo, Hamza Rashid Hussein.
Two armed men in the Jandiers area raided two citizens and robbed them while they were watering the orchard on the road to the village of Tal Salour.

In the area of ​​Raju, the armed elements at the checkpoint in the village of Barbana in Rajo area, detained all vehicles transporting the Sumaq crop to the residents of the villages in the area in general to the city of Afrin without allowing them to go only after payment of ransom of 5000 – 15,000 thousand Syrian pounds for each Car according to its load.
The armed elements of the northern Falcon faction controlling the village of Marsawa, in the area of ​​Sharan, raided the house of Mohammed Ibrahim Sheikho, 50, and when the citizen felt there were people in the yard of the house, they fled,
In the area of ​​Izzaz unknown gunmen after midnight on Wednesday – Thursday to shoot the civilian young man \ Mustafa al-Sheikh \ while working in the market of the city of Azzaz, controlled by pro-Turkish factions in the countryside of northern Aleppo, to die while trying to rescue, in the context of the chaos of the large areas

Also, unknown persons riding a motorcycle threw a car at a commander in the northern storm brigade, nicknamed “Alalab” shot and fled
Documenting the names of the detainees since the beginning of this month until the 20th of it:
On July 10, 22-year-old Nairouz Mahmood, Roshin Manla Othman and Mazin Mahmoud were kidnapped from the village of Qurezila in the Shirawa district.
July 15 Three residents of the village of Iska, Mohammed Jamal Khallo, Omar Jum’a Nazo and Ammar Mohammed Nazo, were kidnapped and taken to an unknown destination. Their fate is still unknown.
July 17: “Joan Walid Horo, Hanif Fahmi Aref, Mustafa Ibrahim Khalil” from the village of Decmdash was kidnapped in Shara district. On the same date, the young Suzanne Hikmat was kidnapped in the village of Gelber in the area of ​​Shirawa.
July 17: A member of the Shami Front, Mustafa Khalil, 50, an imam and preacher of the mosque of the village and his son Mohammed Khalil bin Mustafa, 24, was kidnapped by Ahmed Bashir Khalil from the same village.
On July 18, the al-Sham faction kidnapped three citizens from the village of Shadira in the area of ​​Shirawa. They were known as Nuri Jammu Ashraf, 60, who was kidnapped instead of his brother from his house to escape the ransom imposed on him by the faction controlling his village.
On July 18, Yusuf Hanif, Lekman Fahmi, Hanif Fahmi Karim, Ali Gomaa, Abdel Hamid Hamza, Riad Ali Gomaa and Ahmed Aref were abducted from the village of Deckdash, part of Shara.
July 18: The Israeli occupation forces raided a number of houses between Ma’aratah roundabout and the western highway in the town of Afrin late at night. They abducted Yusuf Faisal and his wife and took him to an unknown destination. Their fate is unknown.
On 19 July, elements of the Shami Front carried out a large-scale raid in the village of Kaza in the area of ​​Mopata, and 11 citizens were abducted, including Rifai Esau, Iso Najib and Mustapha Hanan Ibn Mohammed Qasim Ibn Mohammed Qassem. The abductees were taken to a prison in Shih district Which was controlled by the Amashat faction and then transferred to Maratha Prison in the city of Afrin.

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