There has been much talk of terrorism and states have become aware of its seriousness in the wake of the terrorist attacks in the United States in 2001. These events have shown that terrorism can affect the great powers, albeit to a greater extent on individuals, groups and developing countries. Convinced that the international community must cooperate and cooperate in confronting this dangerous scourge, it has sought to enact laws, adopt resolutions and take preventive measures that would prevent terrorism and detect and suppress its sources of funding. The most important of these resolutions are Security Council resolution 1373 (2001). The International Convention for the Suppression of the Financing of Terrorism, which entered into force on 4 April 2003.
We know that terrorism is preceded by the planning and preparation of organized networks and recruited by qualified individuals. Their management, sustainability and nutrition depend on money and financing, although the international community is aware of the importance and necessity of drying up the sources of financing terrorism. Recommendations to combat the financing of terrorism, which would impose stricter measures on the work of banks, but terrorism is looking systematically and permanently for alternative sources of funding in a sneaky and uncensored and uncovered.
Since States, international and non-international organizations and individuals are supposed to cooperate in uncovering the financing of terrorism and informing the competent authorities of any evidence related to it, it is our moral duty as a media body to note and alert these stakeholders to another source that generates a lot of money for terrorists and makes terrorism recur. His powers to prepare and rise again. So we had to refer to it as a region’s resources
Afrin. As you know, after the Turkish state forces invaded the Afrin area in March 2018 with its mercenaries from the armed terrorist gangs, Turkey started to release these terrorists to practice various terrorist acts against the people of Afrin area, which is predominantly Kurdish, and tighten their noses, and the aim of the Turkish state This includes terrorizing the people, deporting them and achieving their goal in making demographic change for the residents of the region. The armed terrorist groups that invaded Afrin are also seeking another goal after being joined by ISIS operatives who fled with civilians from coalition air strikes. Several foreign newspapers have reported that ISIS militants have joined the fight against the Kurds in Afrin. Financing terrorists from ISIS and other extremist terrorist groups from the resources and resources of the Afrin region through various means including: thefts, imposing royalties and taxes, seizing the farms and fields of civilians who fled to the Shahba area, and renting their homes to the residents of Ghouta and others who were displaced to Afrin. , And Forcing people to sell their agricultural products in general, and olive oil in particular flowers, to be sold and later exported to foreign markets by these terrorist groups. They are also relying on another dirtier means than the abovementioned means of abducting unarmed civilians and demanding relatives and families to pay very large sums of money with beatings, torture and death threats in the event of failure to pay the ransom. In most cases, parents will not be able to pay such large sums. The brothers, relatives and friends who live in Europe, America and other countries will pay the required amount in order to ensure the safety of the kidnapped person and save his life. In short, we want to say that terrorism has developed a new and strange way of nourishing and financing itself in a blatant challenge to the European countries and the United States of America as part of this money being channeled to terrorism from the territories of these countries.
The solution to the suppression of this terrorist-financing source lies in the prompt and historic responsibility of the international community to expel these terrorist groups from the city of Afrin and to return all of its displaced inhabitants, who now reside in sporadic neighborhoods and camps.
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