Appeal to civil society and human rights since the Turkish occupation of Afrin and his mercenaries practicing all methods of oppression, killing, kidnapping and torture after the theft of citizens’ money and stripping them of private property under the threat of murder and imprisonment, which leads to terrorize the people to leave their homes so that criminal gangs can replace them by order of the Turkish intelligence that apply all Methods of demographic change of the Kurdish region of Afrin bring Arabs and Turkmen by forcing Kurdish citizens to sign forged documents and give up what he owns of real estate housing and agricultural land is a crime that goes on the course of the hour every day and D has become almost a year and a half more than one thousand five hundred citizens languishing in their prisons half of them were killed under torture and in this way fear the citizens of the Kurds in the thousands to abandon his house and his village and agricultural land or they will kill him …. so we ask the human conscience and global human rights to put an end to what Being the disasters of murder and systematic demographic change and looting and forced displacement occur in Afrin not watered for thousands of years in the world

Around a year ago, on 06/09/2018, armed elements of the Hamzat faction, accompanied by the Turkish occupation forces, raided the following villages (Juwaiq, Khalnira, Darkir), kidnapped twenty-three Kurdish citizens and beat them, insulted them and forced them to imitate the sounds of animals for insulting them. With false pretexts
Relates to the previous administration based on racist and chauvinistic and religious thinking towards the Kurds in their homeland land and people and their fate is still unknown (we had documented that date and re-documented again on 16/04/2019) three of them were released shortly before and still the fate of the rest Anonymous to date, we documented the following names at the time:
1 – Mohammed Manla Mohammed bin Abdul Karim 43 years.
2 _ Abdul Mannan Manla Mohammed bin Taher 64 years.
3 _ Taher Manla Mohammed bin Abdul Mannan 22 years.
4 – Rockin Manla Mohammed bint Abdul Mannan 27 years.

  1. Kawa Jamal Omar (husband of Rockin) 24 years.
    6 – Jihad Daoud 43 years.
    7 – Hussein Amin bin Anis 40 years.
    8 _ Aref Sheikh Hamo bin Farid 20 years.
    9 _ Mohammed Sheikh Hamo bin Farid 21 years.
    10_ Bassam Ahmed bin Hanan 33 years.
    11_ Luqman Mohammed, 24 years old, from the village of Tel Slur of the district of Jenderes.
    About a year ago, Hussein Hammo was the father of three children from the village of Jikla Wastani, a district of Shih district, among those twenty-three people who were abducted in the village of Darkir when he visited his uncle’s house (the wife of his wife) by armed elements of the Hamzat faction, Three days on 13/08/2019 his family was notified that he was killed under torture in the Azaz prison to receive his body, as well as the death of five others whose names we have not yet known. Second: The fate of Ismat Hussein Bin Aziz, 53 years old, from the village of Jikla Wastani, located in the town of Afieh, is still unknown since 22/07/2019, who was kidnapped by armed elements of the Sham Front faction in the main street while he was working on Basta to sell watches to make a living. Human Rights Organization in Afrin

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