Members of the Military Police Service in the Shiran area of ​​Afrin city raided the headquarters of the local council in the district and arrested the council member Sheikh Saeed Sheikhzada and took him to an unknown place.
Arrests carried out by the Syrian-backed armed opposition factions continue to be carried out as part of the sweeps in the Afrin region, and even extended to loyalists and workers in local councils, which Turkey oversaw its formation with control of the city.

On July 20, “Military Police” arrested the head of the Education Council within the local council in Shih Abdul Qader Zalkha district of Sinara village and took him to one of its prisons in the area.
The military police also arrested Engineer Khushnaf Hammou, from his work place in the local council in Afrin city, and took him to an unknown destination without knowing the charges against him.
Hamou is the head of the local council’s engineers’ chamber, from Rajka’s Hopka village.
A patrol from the National Army arrested Muhammad Shaaban, a member of Bilba district council, and took him to an unknown location.
In the past, Shih district has witnessed the abduction of members of local councils and those close to them, by the Islamic factions controlling the area.
The pro-Turkish militias also killed the deputy chairman of the local Sheikh Ahmad Sheikho village council under torture in a security prison for the Suleiman Shah faction, known as the ‘Amsha’, led by Abu Amsha.
Al-Amshaat leadership denied his torture, confirmed his death from asthma, prevented his family from revealing it and refused to hand over the body knowing that he did not complain about any disease before his arrest.It also sent an armed group that surrounded the tent of mourning and threatened his family if they tried to raise the case before the media. The faction promised his family to arrest and the same fate if they talked in the media about torture, and then besieged his village, and a tent of condolence and sent gunmen to stay in the tent until the funeral and funeral.
The Syrian factions loyal to Ankara, Hassan Ibish, a leader of the first row in the Syrian Kurdistan Democratic Party, which joins the opposition coalition, were arrested in Istanbul.
Ibish was arrested for the second time, later released after paying a ransom, to be arrested again by the “military police” after raiding his home. He also chairs the local council of the Kurdish National Council in Syria.
Mohammed Ali Reza, also a member of the Kurdish National Council in Syria, was arrested at the checkpoint at the entrance to the city of Afrin. The fate of Dr. Ahmed Suleiman, who has been detained for eight months, remains unknown….

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