The escalation of human rights violations in the Afrin area and the areas of the Euphrates Shield
Syrian armed groups and groups of the Turkish-backed opposition continue to commit further human rights violations in the Afrin region and the various areas under Turkish control north and east of Aleppo.
Abuses include detentions, detentions, confiscation of property, concealment of detainees, refusal to disclose their place of detention, visits or information about their fate. The detainees are not brought to trial and are not allowed to hire a lawyer.
In the area of ​​Bilbala in Afrin, the armed militias launched raids in the village of Karwa and the village of Obaidana and Ali Karra. Twenty-eight citizens were arrested after searching their homes. The detainees were identified as: Abdel Rahman Hussein, Khalil Abdel Rahman Hussein, Mohammed Khalil Hussein, Mohammed Adnan Mohammed, Jamil Sayed Mohammed, Abdo Ali Ibrahim, Khalil Yacoub Mamo, Musa Abdel Razak Hussein, Mohamed Rashid Hussein …

In the Shih area, three houses were raided in the village of Marsawi and four citizens were arrested, including: Azad Muhammad and a family of 15,000 dollars for his release.
In the Mutabli / Mubata area, the militias launched a new round of raids and arrested three citizens, including Khalil Osman and Ahmed Nabi.
In the city of Afrin, the militia arrested four citizens, including: Hani Abdo Sido, Haitham Manan Baker, Issa Khadija, Khalil Hanan Demarji. The arrest of Mustafa Mohammed Taha Bash, 40 years old, In a white Toyota, where he was stopped by gunmen at the checkpoint of the building Hakim in the city of Afrin and took him to an unknown destination.
In the Shih area, the Amashat faction arrested Arif Mohammed Abdo from the village of Anqla and demanded his family pay a ransom for his release. Ali Shikho, a resident of Qarmtalq village, was also arrested after he was released earlier for a ransom of $ 3,000. He was released only after payment of $ 1,500.
In Raju, the militia released Dr. Kamal Jaafar, 65, from the village of Badnali after being abducted from his house. He asked for a $ 3,500 payment. The fate of Khoshenav Hamo, a member of the local council of the village of Houbka, , And a member of the local council of Balbul Mohammed Shaban unknown after a week of arrest.

In the villages of Shangila, Shikurza, Kokan, Sharqi, Korta, Bayaka and Barka, the local councils were ordered, by order of Turkey, to appoint mukhtars to those villages that are not their residents, to be Arab or Turkoman expatriates. The Mukhtar was also obliged to communicate with the military police stations in the area to report any incidents a wish.

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