Ali Zembo, 64, was strangled at his home in the center of the city of Afrin after an armed gang raided his house for theft. His wife, Nazu Hanan, was handcuffed and handcuffed and bleeding.
An armed group of the National Army, supported by Turkey, raided a number of houses between the roundabout of Maarata, the western Altotestrad in the city of Afrin, late at night and kidnapped Yusuf Faisal and his wife and took them to an unknown destination.
Members of the Shami Front, which controls the village of Maarskeh al-Khatib, kidnapped Mustafa Khalil, 50, and his son Mohammed Mustafa Khalil, 24, and Ahmad Bashir Khalil.
The military police are continuing their campaign of arrests in the village of Kakhra / Jakhur in the area of ​​Mabata / Moabtali, where they raided houses randomly and arrested 11 citizens.
The National Army also raided the village of Decmdashah belonging to Shran in Afrin and arrested citizens, including: Luqman Fahmi Mohammed, Karim Ali Juma, Yusuf Hanif, Abdul Hamid Hamza, Riad Juma, Ahmadaarof.
Roushin Othman, a resident of the village of Karzila in Afrin, was also arrested on charges of working within the former self-administration circles.

The fate of young Nairouz Mahmoud, from the village of Karzila is still unknown after being kidnapped by the Islamic factions in the city of Afrin 20 days ago.
Violations are not confined to detention. The Education Council of the local council formed by Turkey has decided to dismiss two teachers from their work on charges of dealing with former self-management. Teachers dismissed from the work are Shair Mohammad, Yousef Hanan, Dilshir and Mahmoud Sheikh Na’san.
A source told that gunmen from the “Ahrar al-Sharqiya” group threatened displaced persons to the town of Rajo, in the village of Afrin, originally from the eastern Ghouta, by eviction from their homes, in the absence of payment for their stay in the houses.
According to two sources, the economic office of the Oriental Free demanded at least 9 families of the people of the eastern Ghouta living in the town of Rajo a sum of 5000 Syrian pounds, for leaving them in the houses they live.
The houses are owned by Kurdish citizens forced to flee as a result of the Turkish military campaign towards the Shahba area.
Also saw the east of the city of Afran, east of the city of Afrin, the death of two displaced girls from the province of Homs drowned in Lake Maidanki, the two children are the famous Daha and Ainas, aged 9 and 8 years.

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