After the attack of the Turkish army and the Syrian militia in January 2018 in the Syrian city of Afrin, ethnic tensions in the region intensified.
  This is the result of a new report by IMPACT, supported by the Belgian NGO 11.11.11 and PAX.
  The report claims that parts of northern Syria are under Turkish control, in fact in the wake of two military campaigns: one, the Shield name of the Euphrates and targeted Azaz planes and Jarablo’s door; second attack, named “olive branch”, targeted Afrin area that was stable; For sure.

  The Turkish campaigns in the displacement of the local population at the time of the resettlement of tens of thousands of people who were transferred from Damascus and elsewhere in Syria to this logic caused Taha and were forcibly evicted in the homes of the Afrinans, as these and the seizure of the Land and resettled their property.
  The report calls on Turkey, as the occupying power and Europe, to take urgent action to stabilize the rapidly deteriorating situation in the region.
  Ethnic tensions in Afrin:
  The IMPACT report analyzes the living conditions and relationships between internally displaced people and host communities in the three communities: Azaz, Bab and Afrin.
  The report makes it clear that the situation in Azzaz and Beit El can be clearly distinguished, and on the other side between Afrin.
  “Afrin was already known for a high level of stability and low ethnic tensions, which was greatly aggravated by the Turkish intervention.”
  The IMPACT report shows that the displaced people who have been given priority treatment in Afrin on the remaining local population have been relocated, and they have more personal security and the absence of arrest, abduction and that they are living their livelihood and freedom of movement and exercise of their livelihoods enjoy your own traditions.

  To live in fear
  Africans are exposed to discriminatory practices and serious human rights violations by armed militias. The Africans feel isolated and openly displaced. Even displaced people do not feel at home, and so the social fabric of the region is torn.
  Housing, land and property issues are of particular importance. Many indigenous peoples are living in Afrin and are constantly at risk of eviction, confiscation, raids and looting by local militias. In addition, the displaced people in Afrin now live in the homes of the displaced persons from Afrin.
  The report urgently recommends measures to stabilize and improve the situation in Afrin. The EU can take many measures on its own and, in addition, urge the Turkish government to do the same as a state that occupies the city and imposes its will on all aspects of life.
  The report also recommends allowing local and international UN agencies and non-governmental organizations in northwestern Syria to send more humanitarian aid, and establishing a mechanism for local residents to file complaints about the violation of armed militia “alien city”, in addition to creating Addressing Housing Problems Land and Grounds From armed groups supported by Ankara and additional investments by European donor countries to implement local peacebuilding projects.

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