In the context of the Turkish ‎unremitting targeting ‎of civilians, infrastructure and medical facilities aiming at terrorizing civilians, under gaining a green light from the effective actors in the Syrian conflict, led by the United States of America and the Russian Federation, using flimsy pretexts to achieve media victories at the expense of the civilian population in northeastern Syria under the name of the Claw-Sword Operation, which was announced ‎by the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs ‎under the pretext of Article 51 of the Charter of the United Nations.

Since midnight, and in the early hours of 20/11/2022, the Turkish warplanes committed crimes that may be classified as war crimes due to targeting infrastructure and medical facilities on a large scale. In Kobani, the Turkish state targeted the Children’s Hospital, which was previously Corona Hospital. These two targets are classified within the scope of war crimes under the International Law and International Humanitarian Law, in addition to targeting civilians in Derik / Al-Malikiyah countryside during trying to rescue the injured, who are under the rubble as a result of the first strike of the Turkish military warplanes. ‏

These actions are contrary to all international laws, and it is a crime of aggression against another country. Based on Article 2 of the United Nations Charter of 1945, these actions ‎ occur on a large scale and may classified as a war crime.
The International Community, the United Nations, and the guarantors of the ceasefire must immediately intervene to stop these violations, preserve the safety of civilians, stop Turkey from terrorizing the civilian population as quickly as possible, and not allow matters to develop further and cause a large-scale military outbreak that brings unnecessary suffering to the civilian population.

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