Violations and crimes of the Turkish occupation’s national army factions in the village of Kharza, which belongs to Jindires district, in the occupied countryside of Afrin.

affiliated to Jindires district, 11 km north-east from its center, consisting of about 25/ houses, and there wer about 300 original Kurdish residents, of whom about 15 families = 75 people The rest were forcibly displaced, and about 15 families = 100 people / of those who were recruited there and others were settled in some tents near the village.

The village is controlled by the militia of the “Al-Hamzat Division” and takes the house of the citizen “Kamal Haider Othman” as a military headquarters. The contents of the houses were stolen from supplies, copper utensils, gas cylinders, electrical tools and equipment, etc., and all the contents of about ten houses they seized, as well as a Mercedes car and an agricultural tractor for “” Kamal Haider Othman, a tractor by Ismail Haft Kar, a tractor by Muhammad Aref Othman, and /2/ a motorcycle by Haidar Khalil Othman, Muhammad Aref Othman, an electric generating set (amperes) for the village, and a transformer for the public electricity network. .

It seized about 40 hectares of land, including for “Mohammed Afdi Agha, Adel Othman, Luqman Abdo Bin Othman, Kamal Haider Othman”, and about 5 thousand olive trees for the displaced “Ismail Haft Kar” out of 25 thousand The village’s property tree, and 70 trees were cut down for him, in addition to cutting down forest trees in the vicinity of the village, for the purpose of firewood and trade, in addition to the overgrazing of livestock herds between olive fields and agricultural lands.

With the money that the militia leaders reaped from the seasons of the seized properties, the sale of stolen goods, the royalties imposed on the seasons of the residents of the village, and the financial ransom, they built a new olive press in the village for their benefit.

The remaining residents were subjected to various types of violations, including kidnapping, arbitrary arrests, torture, material extortion, and others.

Source: Human Rights Organization – Afrin

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