Members of the Al-Mu’tasim militia sell five homes to Kurdish citizens in the occupied city of Afrin. Members of the security forces of the “Al-Mu’tasim” militia have sold five houses, located at the Al-Qous checkpoint at the eastern entrance to the city of Afrin, under the pretext that their owners belong to the Democratic Union Party.

The homes are owned by Walid Hassan, from the village of Kfardala – Jindires district, Hussain Othman and Muhammad Othman, from Qara Koli village – Bulbul district, Jamal Hussein, from Halubiya village – Shara district, and Na`so. Daoud” is a resident of the town of Bulbul.

According to our correspondent, each apartment was sold for only $1,000.

On September 3, a member of the Al-Hamza / Al-Hamzat Division militia affiliated with the Turkish occupation, called Khaled Ahmed Al-Jassem, who comes from the village of Zerba in the countryside of Aleppo and works in buying and selling hardware, sold three houses and then fled towards Turkish territory.

The Afrin Post network was able to document hundreds of illegal seizures and sales of homes and shops for the original Kurdish citizens in the occupied region of Afrin, by militants and settlers affiliated with the Turkish occupation. In addition, they refused to evict other homes after the return of their owners, except after forcing them to pay large sums of money for the delivery.

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