They left him tied to a tree..

Al-Sharqiya Army beat a Kurdish citizen and robbed him of his money and his motorcycle in the countryside of Jenderes. On June 17, two armed men from the Al-Sharqiya Army militia of the Turkish occupation carried out an armed robbery and assault on a Kurdish citizen in the village of Sindanka in the district of Jindires in the occupied countryside of Afrin.

Afrin Post reporter stated that the citizen “Abdo Muhammad” (27 years), from the family of (Ham Horek), from the village of Miska Tahtani, was at that time in the olive field to work near the water canal north near the village of Sindanka, when the two gunmen tied him to an olive tree. He was beaten, and then his motorcycle, his personal phone, and his money were taken from him.

When he was late, his brother went to the field to find him tied to a tree and in a miserable condition, so his older brother (Riyad) complained to Omnia Sindanka, but members of the Abu Khalil group affiliated with the “Jaish al-Sharqiya” militia beat him and expelled him from the security, instead of opening an investigation into the case.

Incidents of assault and robbery against Kurdish citizens are repeated in the occupied region of Afrin. On the evening of June 25, the members of the security barrier of the “military police” militia of the Turkish occupation, located at the entrance to the city of Afrin (al-Qaws checkpoint), attacked and beat a Kurdish family and detained them for hours on suspicion of booby-trapping their broken car. near the barrier

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