The number of victims of the Turkish air strikes on the center of Tel Rifaat has risen to three. The citizen Fatima Othman Maamo 21 years old was martyred in Afrin Hospital in the village of Fafin, as a result of his injury as a result of the targeting of a drone belonging to the Turkish occupation, this morning, Wednesday, the center of the city of Tal Rifaat in the northern countryside of Aleppo, bringing the number of victims of targeting to three martyrs, including A young man was washing his car in preparation for his wedding today.

Afrin Post reporter stated that a drone and an ammunition belonging to the Turkish occupation targeted a car wash in the middle of Tal Rifaat, which resulted in the death of the citizen “Hamza Ibo Prem 21 years old and the citizen Nafkash Rashid Aliko from the village of Kutana, belonging to the Bulbul district, and the injury of others. Among them are children: Akid Fakhri Sheikho 32 years old), Adham Rashid Hanan 54 years old, the child Zain Hussein Hussein 13 years old, the child Hussein Murad Qurmaki 13 years old, Samir Abdel Qader 31 years old and Manan Rashid Hussein, some of whom were seriously injured. .

On Thursday, August 4, nine civilians, including four children, were wounded, including a child in critical condition, as a Turkish suicide bomber targeted a weekly market in the center of Tel Rifaat.

The city of Tel Rifaat and the villages of al-Shahba and Sherawa district, adjacent to the contact lines with the areas controlled by the Turkish occupation and the Islamic militias, are almost daily subjected to artillery and missile shelling by the Turkish occupation forces from their military bases stationed in their areas of control in Azaz and Marea.

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